Inspired by "Armor", and evoked both in fabrics and detailing, from silhouette to structure. "The Knight In Me" was designed with the younge,stylish professional with a typically hectic lifestyle, in mind. All with a hint of luxurious elegance, creatively reflected in every aspect of the collection. Special attention was made to details – note the shoulder sleeves,calf of the trousers and the attenuated waistline of the dresses. With simple layering and dimensional design, we want to showcase dichotomy of women, a marriage of fashion and fuctionality. Every piece is the perfect marriage of fashion and functionality; from workplace to late night parties, with a little twist you can find our pieces suitable for every occasion. We offer a collection fitted to your fashion lifestyle, from fashion basics to signature pieces that help you shine on every occasion.
Fabric: lamb skin, calf, nylon bonding fabric, techno scuba, knit, chiffon, flannel, brocade, faux leather, organza, hollow grid etc.
Accessories: studs, sheet metal, beads chain